According to experts' new discoveries, thousands of people in the UK are using "GPS jammers" that plug into car cigarette lighter and can stop tracking systems for detecting stolen vehicles, monitoring vehicle use or stopping driver's working hours.

In spite of the presence of monitoring equipment, this may result in the risk of overworking truck drivers on the road and if the vehicle equipped with jammers is to be navigated in the airport area near the GPS plane (Global Positioning System).

GPS jamming device

If the vehicle owner can prevent communication with the monitoring system, the increasing use of the equipment may also undermine any plan to introduce a "car-paid" insurance or road toll collection system.

"Successful testing was conducted by a US company specializing in GPS spoofing," says GPSdome CTO, Moshe Kaplan. "Our GPSdome successfully protects the GPS system from real interference and deception. The experiment is very simple; a system protected by our GPSdome continues to receive real location and time, another system that is unprotected, is 2000 meters off. Thanks to the very positive results of these tests, we are now ready to test our GPS protection solution for UAVs, which will develop and manufacture UAVs by a company within two weeks.

"Our affordable GPS anti-jamming technology has been developed for civilian applications, and now the solution, all military-oriented, retail for more than $ 30,000, is irrelevant." Since we last year in May, "said Ehud Sharar, chief executive officer of GPSdome, Since our announcement of our innovative against signal jamming device, we are interested in our new products.

New products are developed to meet the requirements of automated vehicles, which are being developed by almost every car company and UAVs that are being developed for a variety of applications. Autonomous cars and unmanned aerial vehicles are heavily dependent on GPS in order to work, so the need to protect against GPS disruption.