Now people can not live without the phone. However, sometimes the phone will ring when the time or the place is not suitable, it will give people trouble such as in the wedding sometimes.

In Monterrey, the Sacred Heart Church, the baroque temple was loved by Mexican elites for the wedding, and church officials obtained their blockade two years ago.

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"Whenever there is a wedding, the phone will ring every five minutes," Diocese of the clerk, said Brahma. "This is a real problem, because sometimes, even the groom will forget to turn off his cell phone."To deal with it,the cell phone jammer was used in the church to stop the cell phone usage.

For months, the device was neglected until reporters reported that the wedding began to complain that their cell phone never worked.

As the words of the distractors are listed, the priests throughout Mexico have been calling to find out how to get them, Kalanza said.

In the Sacred Heart, one device at the entrance to the church and the other by the altar are opened before each mass. Still, the priest reminds parishioners to turn off their phones before they begin service, hoping that good cell phone etiquette will eventually catch up and they don't need to use the 4G jammer.

Other Monterrey cathedrals - Rosario, San Juan Bosco and Angel of the Queen of Queen Mary - also frequented the wealthy parishioners, Martinez said.

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"For many people, cell phones are necessary, but this should not prevent them from having good manners, remember to respect the sacred places," Martinez said.

Margarita Escobedo, a Catholic who visits the church at least twice a week, volunteers at the church of San Jerono said she would welcome those parishes that had turned into nuisances Priest.

"Those who bring their cell phones to church are not committed to God," Escobedo said. "It was very distracting to pray, and suddenly heard birds chirping or techno music.