A global survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute on IT security infrastructure found that 83 percent of businesses around the world believe that they are most at risk because of organizational complexities. Employees are not following corporate security requirements because they are too difficult to be productive, plus policies hinder their ability to work in their preferred manner. It is no surprise that shadow IT is on the rise because employees want easier ways to get their work done.

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Employees are putting data on their devices, meaning key corporate information is accessible from any laptop, phone or tablet left sitting at a desk or coffee shop. And data assets are increasing, putting more information at risk, per 87 percent of survey respondents.Because the hackers can get access to your laptop if you lose your concern about it.As a result,many company use the cell phone jammer to prevent the stealing confidential information in some important areas.

The results also found that security and IT professionals are truly concerned about their current operations.

“Year after year, traditional security vendors have offered their latest and greatest technology to the enterprise. Each new product has added new layers of people, process, and technology to operations, but very few actually solved the root of security problems by answering questions like, ‘how can information be shared while also minimizing data loss? Can the attack surface be reduced? Why does security depend on the device?’ Only by presenting solutions to these problems, like those from Citrix, can we move forward as an industry toward a future of more secure data, applications, devices and things,” said Stan Black, chief security officer, Citrix.For instance the signal blockers are used in many place to keep the information not leaking.