For anyone who wants to speak in front of an audience, there is always a chance they will be turned off, someone who intermittently interrupts the mobile. As the mobile hands of the mass landing there are dramatic actors intermittent expose the story since someone has a go phone starts a critical time in the process sound.

Against this background the priests learn to preach in the church time was very time-consuming, it can not surprise.

Such a cloth, Father Michael Mina, during the worship was so angry at the worship service in Naples, Italy, he finally concluded a cell phone jammer to close it.

Pastor told the Daily Mail he set up first posters, asking people to turn off their phones, but continued to buzz and bite - even in some of the funerals - he bought a $ 60 jammer and installed it, the local police said Go ahead.

"Really bothering me is that when it first started people are embarrassed to close their phones, now they're laying his hand on the handset to continue talking," said Madonna's father.

Although these days, the service was quiet, but the behavior of the priest is inadvertently posed to other members of society a problem.
According to the news, some of the local businesses complain that incidents are so serious that they prevent their card payment machine from operating on the transaction.
An angry retailer, "his father said, since Madonna began to use jamming devices, I use my card to pay a real problem, it just does not work, I had lost the others in the same position - I understand his feelings, though As we do it Our busiest time of the year.
Madonna is not clear whether the father would remove the device, and again carry their services will be used according to telephone alarm, or continue to face the opposition of local businesses