Many people may be in doubt that is there any danger on mobile phone jammer to our health Because they play a variety of frequencies, and are these frequencies dangerous for us? Now more and more people are buying mobile phone placement machines and any other blocking devices. From this point of view, in fact, already know the answer, because the masses of the eyes are discerning. We can fully understand them because we know how important it is to protect your privacy, and because most governments are doing their best to spy on everyone, we have no choice but to buy these jammers and try to protect our privacy.

But we have to technically illustrate this point. On health issues, cell phone jammer has passed all the safety and health tests, thanks to this fact, you can rest assured to buy and use. If you remember, the same health problems were worrisome when the phone was first introduced into society. But after testing, the result is the same - no harm.

Also, from the working principle of the jammer, you should remember that the gsm jammers are transmitting the same frequency band as the phone to interfere with the normal work of the phone, that is, the jammers for us are similar to the phone for us. And today, are there any equipments we stay with together longerthan the phone itself ? What kind of equipment is more popular than mobile phones? So, if we are talking about the harm of mobile jammers - they are the same as the phone itself. With Wi-Fi signal blocking the same thing, are they just as a Wi-Fi hotspot, are these hot spots dangerous? Another point you should know that radio signals and light, sound waves and gravity follow the same inverse law, that is, the distance is doubled, the energy is reduced to a quarter. In other words, the signal strength is attenuated with increasing distance. The most interesting fact is that people are concerned that GPS / GLONASS interference devices are harmful, but they do not even know that they are surrounded by the signals of these positioning systems every day.

Then we would like to remind you again here that it is very important to know what type of frequency you want to play. You can find any type of information about the phone blocker and other blocking devices on the Internet and on special websites. One thing is for sure - this technology will not stop developing.