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The Philippines Plans to Install Jammers in Jail to Stop illegal Drug Trade.

Le 27 avril 2017, 04:37 dans Humeurs 0


CEBU, Philippines - A special electronic gadget that will block cellphone signals will be installed soon inside the Cebu City Jail in Barangay Kalunasan to suppress illegal drug trade inside the facility.

Cebu City incoming Mayor Tomas Osmeña announced yesterday that he will help acquire a cell phone jammer for the City Jail to stop the illegal activities of some unscrupulous inmates who continue to operate their illegal drug business outside by using communication gadgets like cellphone.

City Jail warden Johnson Calub supports Osmeña’s move, saying that the issue has already been discussed by the officials of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) in Manila.

The plan, however, was not implemented due to budgetary constraint.

While the jail manual strictly prohibits communication equipment inside the detention facilities, some inmates managed to secure cellphones because some corrupt jail guards allowed them to possess in exchange for money.

The jammer will block transmission signals. Telecommunication experts said that a sophisticated device can block all frequencies at once. The biggest cellphone jammers used by police and the military can be mounted in vehicles for security convoy.

Osmeña said he already talked to some trusted men of president-elect Rodrigo Duterte and discussed about how to come up with an effective campaign against the operations of drug lords and drug traffickers.

During the past greyhound operations, several cellphones were found inside the jail.

Calub said the range of high-end and expensive jamming devices can be adjusted so as not to affect other cellphone subscribers within the vicinity.


The Possible illegal use of GPS jammer

Le 8 avril 2017, 03:48 dans Humeurs 0

Criminal gangs have begun to use GPS "jammers" from China to help them steal expensive cars and cargo, and fear that terrorists can use a more powerful version to destroy air traffic, a meeting in London on Tuesday will hear The

The GPS jammer transmits a radio signal at the same frequency on a global positioning system (GPS) satellite, overwhelming the timing signal used by the vehicle to draw its position. This means that a vehicle with a valuable load, or a car with an anti-theft GPS device, if stolen, should report its location and can not distinguish the correct GPS signal.

Some German drivers are also considered to use such jammers to try to escape the GPS-based road charges, which was introduced in 2005. There are also robberies in Russia, which have been used on trucks for GPS systems and mobile phones to prevent drivers from communicating with the authorities.

In Germany, such as in the UK, the sale or use of such jammers is illegal, although imports or possession of these disturbances seem to be legal.

Satnav equipment relies on at least four satellites of 30 satellites that can "see" orbit 20,200 km (12,550 miles) above the Earth: the terrestrial equipment can be calculated by correlating the very precise timing and identification signals they transmit Own position in about 1 meter. However, the interfering device does not have to release a strong signal to disrupt GPS reception.

"The problem is that the signal of the satellite is very weak - this is equivalent to picking up the light output of the 25-watt bulb on the satellite," said Bob Cockshott, another spokesperson. The Technical Strategy Committee, which consists of business, innovation and skills Ministry of Finance.

"This means that you only need an output of about 2 watts of interference signal, you can from the GPS satellite on any signal to a few meters of the place. Such a device than the ground on the GPS signal powerful times.

Cockshott said such a more powerful disruptor could be used for a variety of criminal gangs. "They will work dozens of kilometers, so drug gangs may use them to disrupt the sailing of the Thames, if they are delivering, and do not want their opponents to track them."

The ways to oppose the tracker

Le 14 mars 2017, 08:35 dans Humeurs 0


Today there are many ways to track people.The most convenient and useful way is using the tracking device.Thus many types of trackers are on the market and very easy to get.The trackers mainly use gps signal to track people.There is no doubt that the tracking is very useful and sometimes neccessary.It can be used to complete the law enforcement tasks,protect fleet from theft,observe their spouse's movements or for real-time monitoring.

But the trackers can also be used for illegal and unpleasant purposes.For instance,most stars are unwilling to be tracked but unfortunately,they are most likely to be tracked.And in the situations,person who is glad to find some ways to deactivate the tracking device.

gps tracking images

The direct way to avoid being tracked is to destroy the gps device to make sure it no longer work.But it is easier if the purpose is only to tamper it without the knowledge of the installer.Here are some ways to block the or weaken the transmission of the tracking device.

GPS jammers

This is the mostly sold on the market to oppose the tracking device.You can buy gps jammer online easily which can block the gps signal.

Portable 3G/4G Cell Phone Jammer  GPS  Jamming Devices High Power WIFI Blocker  5 Bands

Metal shields

This is the cheaper option.Just enclose the tracking device with any metallic covering such as brass mesh or a lead camera film protector. Allegedly, thieves use refrigerated trucks to convey vehicles installed with GPS tracking device to avoid being tracked.

Cell Phone jammers

It mainly be used against the active tracking devices because the jammer which block the cell phone frequencies can prevent the wireless tracker from sending real-time location updates.You can  buy  cell phone blocker  online easily either.

6 Bands Adjustable GSM/3G/4G Jammer GPS/WIFI,UHF/VHF Desktop Blocker

GPS spoofing gadgets

The gadget is risky and illegal for it supersedes the genuine data being transmitted by the gps device.This is harmful particularly for commercial users.

No matter you are the persons being tracked or you are afraid of your trackers being destroyed, it's helpful to know the ways to oppose the trackers.And when you meet up the situations,you can formulate a solution.


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