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How to Avoid Adolescent's Indulgence with Cell Phones and Networks

Le 12 juillet 2017, 14:03 dans Humeurs 0


Now the phone can be used anytime, anywhere, mobile phone let us connect with this variable world. In this era of information explosion, people want to contact with the new information, as far as possible to keep up with the times. A cell phone in hand with the network, that can let us know what happened in the world, you can chat with friends, you can play games on the phone through the time.

The problem is here, when the phone is overused, people tend to become obsessed with the phone. Especially for teenagers, they are more likely addicted to the phone , ignore the study and communication of family.When they are free,they do not communicate with their family even they go out together, but just play the phone. So how to let young people do not indulge in the phone and the network, that is very important for every parents, teachers and school, because it relates to the child's future.

As the rapid development of information in today's world, the emergence of the network so that entertainment diversification, in order to facilitate contact with the child, the phone is also essential. It is not realistic to prevent teenagers from using the phone or making contact with the network, so it is important to guide them to use these tools properly.

First, communication is essential. Many young people are due to the lack of communication with their parents, introverted, only use the phone to pass the time. At this time they are easy to indulge in the network, especially in the game, because it can be comfort. So, to let the young people do not indulge in mobile phone, the first and most important is more exchanges with them, cultivate their interest, think of ways to liberate their nature. A person with interest, with the goal, it will have a direction, it is not easy to indulge in bad things.

Of course, in addition to communication, it control the time of child using cell phone or network. In my opinion, the child at the young age when the non-concept has not yet formed, this time the control of the use of the child's mobile phone must have. At this time, the cell phone jammers can help us. It can shield the phone signal, you can open the phone jammer in a certain period of time to ensure that the child is not using the phone. You can also use wifi jammers to ensure that they have no way to access the network.

In one word, the most important thing is while control their use of mobile phone time,we should take the time to exchange, cultivate the interest of young people, so as to avoid the child's addiction to the phones.

Are phone jammers dangerous to our health?

Le 5 juillet 2017, 14:11 dans Humeurs 0


Many people may be in doubt that is there any danger on mobile phone jammer to our health Because they play a variety of frequencies, and are these frequencies dangerous for us? Now more and more people are buying mobile phone placement machines and any other blocking devices. From this point of view, in fact, already know the answer, because the masses of the eyes are discerning. We can fully understand them because we know how important it is to protect your privacy, and because most governments are doing their best to spy on everyone, we have no choice but to buy these jammers and try to protect our privacy.

But we have to technically illustrate this point. On health issues, cell phone jammer has passed all the safety and health tests, thanks to this fact, you can rest assured to buy and use. If you remember, the same health problems were worrisome when the phone was first introduced into society. But after testing, the result is the same - no harm.

Also, from the working principle of the jammer, you should remember that the gsm jammers are transmitting the same frequency band as the phone to interfere with the normal work of the phone, that is, the jammers for us are similar to the phone for us. And today, are there any equipments we stay with together longerthan the phone itself ? What kind of equipment is more popular than mobile phones? So, if we are talking about the harm of mobile jammers - they are the same as the phone itself. With Wi-Fi signal blocking the same thing, are they just as a Wi-Fi hotspot, are these hot spots dangerous? Another point you should know that radio signals and light, sound waves and gravity follow the same inverse law, that is, the distance is doubled, the energy is reduced to a quarter. In other words, the signal strength is attenuated with increasing distance. The most interesting fact is that people are concerned that GPS / GLONASS interference devices are harmful, but they do not even know that they are surrounded by the signals of these positioning systems every day.

Then we would like to remind you again here that it is very important to know what type of frequency you want to play. You can find any type of information about the phone blocker and other blocking devices on the Internet and on special websites. One thing is for sure - this technology will not stop developing.

A New Location Tracking Technology Which Does Not Need GPS

Le 16 juin 2017, 11:21 dans Humeurs 0


G.P.S has always been a prolific mobile application to make users aware of unknown locations and to guide in reaching new destinations with an ease.Apple has finally got registered an authentic technical innovation which will enable extra accuracy in indoor spot mapping and place detection. The technology is creating ripples all over the world as it does not require G.P.S support and has its own mechanism.It means that the GPS signal jammer cannot deal with it.

gps technology of image

Apple was awarded a patent for a technology that should allow for much more accurate indoor location detection and mapping, even in the absence of GPS. Almost every smart mobile phone makes use of G.P.S for navigation and location mapping.The new patent, which was picked up by Apple Insider, uses a combination of Wi-Fi access points, location databases and other data to determine proximity to what the patent called “presence areas.” It then analyzes various data such as Wi-Fi signal strength and building architecture to determine a more precise location.

GPS often fails to provide accurate location data for when your are indoors, so this patent could help alleviate that problem.

Apple has also shown interest in improved indoor mapping in the past. With iOS 7, it added support for iBeacons, which use Bluetooth LE to accurately determine location.

Related image

. Apple’s new technique is an aggregation of on board location data basis and Wi-Fi access points to attain a stupendous accuracy in outdoor as well as indoor localities. The system incorporates a long series of factors with the major inclusions like ‘presence area’ which is commonly known as hardware communication range and filtering of access points. The technology allows many smart non-G.P.S gadgets to easily tracking locations with an amazing precision.A wireless jammer can interfere with WiFi signals which can influence to it.

Apple has also made a couple of acquisitions related to indoor mapping. In March 2013, it acquired WiFiSLAM for $20 million, which uses technology that sounds similar to this new Apple patent in order to determine location using Wi-Fi signals.

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